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Tree Reductions, Crown Lifting And Tree Surgery In North London

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Tree Surgery  in North London Tree Surgery 

Tree Surgery

We offer both domestic and commercial tree surgery services. As local approved contractors we can work on projects for councils and the utility companies. We are also qualified to use Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)/cherry pickers for work on the largest of trees. Whatever your needs are, you can rely on us for a professional, responsive and prompt service. Contact AA Tree Surgery today for a free quote if you are looking for tree surgery in North London.

Tree Surgery  in North London Crown Lifting 

Crown Lifting

Your tree may require crown lifting if you would like to improve light levels, reduce interference with other structures or to provide access below the branches. Crown lifting involves the removal of the lower branches so that there is ample room between the ground and the lowest branches. 
Contact AA Tree Surgery today for a free quote if you are looking for crown lifting and tree surgery in North London.

Tree Surgery  in North London Thinning 


Tree crown thinning is when we reduce the density of the branches in a tree without altering the shape and size of it. You may require crown thinning if you would like to increase the light that passes through or to reduce wind loading on the limbs of the tree.

Thinning is also suitable if there are weak, dead or intertwined branches.


Tree Surgery  in North London Tree Reductions 

Tree Reductions

Tree crown reductions involve trimming and pruning branches so that the tree is smaller in size. Tree reductions are necessary if branches are diseased or damaged. You may need a reduction if the tree is reducing the natural light that is entering your home.

In either case we will ensure your tree is reduced in a symmetrical and attractive way.


Tree Surgery  in North London Tree Surveys 

Tree Surveys

Should you need more information about the trees on a private or public property we can undertake comprehensive tree surveys. A tree survey will provide you with all the data you need including the health of your trees, life expectancy and the recommendation for tree management.

We can also submit this survey to the local authorities and request permission for work.



Tree Surgery  in North London Planning Permission 

Planning Permission and Appeals

If your tree has a preservation order or is in a conservation area you will need permission from the council to modify the tree. We have successfully acquired permission for hundreds of trees over the years and have developed a good working relationship with a number of councils. Generally speaking we are able to attain permission in around 6 to 8 weeks.



Root and Stump Removal

In most cases where a tree has been felled, the stump remains and it will naturally rot and decay. However if you have land that is being developed and built on you may need need the stump removed. If so, we use specialist grinders to reduce the stump. Once this has been completed, the underlying roots will decay and die. All of our staff at AA Tree Surgery are skilled in using stump grinders and we will check for pipes and cables, ensuring all grinding takes place in a safe and secure way.


Tree Surgery  in North London Hedge and Bush Work 

Hedge and
Shrub Work

If you have hedges and bushes that need to be pruned and trimmed we also offer hedge and bush services. Simply tell us how you want your greenery to look and our experienced staff will get to work.

We'll make sure your bushes are trimmed, tidy and beautiful throughout the year.



Tree Surgery  in North London Insurance 


We are fully insured including:

  • £10 million in public liability
  • £5 million and employers liability

If you are looking for tree surgeons in North London, Boreham Wood and Hemel Hempstead, please contact us at AA Tree Surgery for a free consultation.







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